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The company “Vienna Staff” offers services for the purpose of comfort and order at home. Our main aim is to find reliable and responsible personnel for childcare, looking after the elderly, and also support in daily and business life. Are you looking for a nanny, a housekeeper, a plumber or a personal assistant in Vienna? Do you prefer to work with qualified personnel? Then take a look at our website.We have been offering a range of services for many years. And what have we achieved?

  1. The best reputation amongst our customers.
  2. The ability to find the best personnel quickly.
  3. Employment of qualified specialists/professionals with a great deal of experience.

However, we are the most proud of our customers’ positive feedback concerning how pleasant it is to work with us.

Service (Euro per hour) Price
Babysitter Negotiable
Cleaning Negotiable
Gardener Negotiable
Electrician Negotiable
Housekeeping Negotiable
Personal Assistant Negotiable
Personal trainer Negotiable
Teacher Negotiable
Furniture assembly Negotiable
Cargo transportation Negotiable
Windows washing Negotiable
Airport transfer Negotiable
Hairdresser Negotiable
Cooker Negotiable
Service (Euro per day) Price
Dog watching Negotiable



General cleaning transforms your home making it fresh and cozy. Our cleaning is always a war against microbes and bacteria that are commonly found around us…



Your first partner and assistant in the care of your child. Our nannies have special education, long enough experience and very good references from previous jobs.



If you are in need of finding help with your laundry and ironing, thus saving your precious time, our professionals will be ready to assist you.



These services can be selected depending on your goals. For parents, it is important to not only to raise your children but give them a quality education.



Very often, customers lose motivation for regular workouts. Personal trainer will help to structure your training and encourage respect for the principles of a healthy lifestyle.



Your guest is at the door and the table is not yet served? Your personal chef will make not only a dinner choice but will assist in purchasing the necessary ingredients to your liking.



Our candidates have great sense of responsibility in conduct their duties and willingly will take care of all housekeeping issues and accomplish the various requests from our customers.




The primary responsibility of home assistant is the complete care for the elderly and the sick.



We take care of organizing your vacation, book a hotel or restaurant, work with a computer and help on legal issues.



How to order services from “Vienna Staff”

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