Faults mothers when choosing a nanny from Vienna Staff

Our nannys are here to provide the highest level of childcare available. In order to understand the needs of your children, it is of utmost importance to us that you get to know and have confidence in a prospective nanny. This includes discussing the details of the nanny’s responsiblities and duties.
When choosing the right nanny, it is necessary to take into account how compatible the nanny will be for the family, based on the expections, requirements, and also needs of our customesr.
It is important that the children who are going to be looked after by the nanny feel comfortable with her, and accept her rules and boundaries. Every family is different and some families may prefer younger nannys, whereas others would prefer an older nanny
Any special needs should be thoroughly discussed with the nanny of choice. Also routines, emergency details, and expectations should be clearly expressed, to avoid any later misunderstandings.
Parents are not serious about drafting a contract with a nanny and after the first trial month, a nanny requires payment much higher than the one discussed in the oral agreement.????????)I don’t understand the point of this!!!!!!